Workshops in Stress Management & Personal Developement

Stress Mangement

People who are over stressed and unhappy do not work effectively or efficiently. Money is wasted through inflexibility, absenteeism, and mistakes. Most people approach stress management through rational use of time management. This only works up to a point; one may know what one should do but it is a totally different thing to make the internal changes necessary to feel and behave in a more effective way. Motivation is an internal process that requires the setting of personal goals and then working towards them in a confident way. By teaching self-hypnosis, confidence building and goal setting I teach people to become to become the master rather than the victim of their emotions. My workshop approach allows for group teaching and also individual participation so that individuals develop skills which will, if used regularly, enable them to cope with increasing stress and yet still function comfortably at their optimum level of performance.

Core Module A – Stress, distress and self-hypnosis

  • Stressors or Challenges? How stressors are perceived – challenges and opportunities
  • How does stress affect you? Physical, emotional, behavioural responses to stress
  • How to minimise your stressors – time management
  • How to manage the stress response
  • Role of relaxation, imagery and visualisation
  • Self-hypnosis – common misconceptions
  • Teach various relaxation, self-hypnotic techniques
  • How to deal with negative feelings and emotions safely
  • How to utilise positive suggestion powerfully

Core Module B – Decision making with confidence

  • Building confidence and assertiveness
  • Improving your self-image
  • Confidence at your fingertips! Anchoring techniques.
  • Dealing with internal conflict
  • Giving and receiving criticism and praise

Core Module C – Take control of your future

  • Building rapport – be a more effective communicator
  • Anger management and dealing with internal unresolved anger
  • Resolving conflict and argument – common sense negotiation skills
  • Altering perceptions – developing flexibility of response
  • Goal setting and mental rehearsal – learn to take control of your future

All modules require three hours tuition.
We recommend that all three modules are run but we can run Module A with either B or C depending on your requirements.

Personal Development

Most of us would like to feel and behave calmly and confidently in all situations …this workshop will give you tools and ideas to help you do just that. This workshop will help put you in touch with the vast storehouse of resources that you have in your conscious and unconscious mind, often not easily accessible in our busy day to day living.

Core module

  • Using self hypnosis – the gateway to your inner resources
  • How to deal with negative feelings and emotions safely
  • How to utilise positive suggestion powerfully
  • Taking control of your future – mental rehearsal and goal setting

Assertiveness recognises the rights and feelings of others and avoids aggression and conflict. Learn some simple techniques and approaches to improve your assertiveness and hence your effectiveness.

Confidence & Assertiveness

  • Building self-esteem and improving self image
  • Confidence and assertiveness – at your fingertips! Anchoring techniques

Anger can be destructive but is often a mask for other emotions. Learn ways to deal with both your own anger and that of other people. Learn ways to resolve conflict and deal with complaint resourcefully.

Anger Management

  • Dealing with internal anger and conflict
  • Developing flexibility of response – pattern interrupts
  • Dealing with anger, complaint and conflict

The Core module plus Confidence & Assertiveness and Anger Management would require one and a half days. The Core module plus either Confidence & Assertiveness or Anger Management would require a full day. Confidence and Assertiveness or Anger Management could be run as a separate half day workshop.