Creative Wellbeing for Everyone

Learn effective ways to de-stress in a relaxed atmosphere of fun

De-stress & Re-charge

Take some time for yourself… explore your own creativity through art, dance-movement, music, and creative writing in a relaxed atmosphere of fun

There is no such word as can’t – as you will soon find out –
everyone can move (even if only their arms), everyone can draw (if they are able to sign their name!) and everyone can enjoy making music

A relaxing, affordable opportunity to unwind, to regain your sanity, serenity, sense of humour and recharge your creativity

A few words about the workshops

People often feel that they ‘can’t’ draw, play music or write but as children we freely explore these creatively and without preconceptions. We do not need to be skilled in art or writing to enjoy the process of their exploration – it is the process rather than the end result that is important. With this in mind one finds that the process of using any of the arts leads to relaxation, an inner calm and often unexpected insights

During the weekend we use expressive arts together with self hypnotic and imagery techniques as a way for us to connect with our inner resources and strengths, so that we can connect with our unconscious abilities as well as our intellectual, rational consciousness


We often look but do not see…but some exercises can help us really see what we are observing. We learn ways of drawing to help us connect with our unconscious abilities and that help us to enter a relaxed and focussed state of attention where we are more able to help ourselves with emotions and connect with whatever we are drawing….

Creative writing:

We discover ways of stimulating the creative flow of word pictures by using our different senses and different perspectives in telling a story or writing a poem. We play with words, have fun and discover some ways to make our communications more effective…

Expressive movement:

We learn how to allow our body movement express music and rhythm, phrases, images, or emotions. We explore the use of movement to help resolve conflicts or problems and simply just for the sheer joy of moving…..


We listen to music in different ways – exploring how music can generate different emotions and images. We use a variety of percussion instruments to express emotions, concepts such as the seasons, and to create a dialogue within the group. We play at weaving a tapestry of sound – somehow we will all know when it is complete….

T’ai Chi and meditation:

A gentle introduction to different methods of meditation – both in stillness and in movement

Stress Management:

We learn practical ways of de-stressing within a busy day to day existence. We often know what we should be doing to achieve balance in our lives and we have far more power within ourselves than we often realise. Now is the time to begin to learn simple ways to access those strengths within us and to motivate ourselves to achieve the things we really want.

The following topics can be covered depending on the participants wishes:-

  • Stressors or Challenges? How does stress affect you? Our responses to stress
  • How do you do anxiety – perceptions, behaviour, and internal dialogue
  • Role of relaxation, imagery and visualisation
  • Various relaxation and self-hypnotic techniques
  • How to deal with negative feelings and emotions safely and give ourselves positive suggestion powerfully.
  • Building confidence and assertiveness. Anchoring techniques.
  • Goal Setting and motivation


If you wish to book me for a weekend I would charge £250 and expenses. Venue and catering to be arranged by the clients but I can do this on request. For further details please email me on