Brief Psychological Interventions in Practice

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As a GP with over thirty years experience Dr. Ann Williamson brings a solution focused and eminently practical approach to helping patients help themselves.

Patients who present in our consulting rooms are often stuck in an emotionally distressed state – whether anxious or depressed.
People often equate the way they are feeling with their being or identity and this is reflected in their language: “I am depressed”.

This leads to a static rather than a dynamic state of affairs. An important aim of brief interventions is to lead the patient to accept that there is always change and by finding out how they do anxiety or depression they can then begin to help themselves into a different pattern of feeling and behaviour.

This one-day workshop teaches Health Professionals how to:-

use language effectively for change
use brief psychotherapeutic interventions
give the patient an experiential insight into change
use re-framing, metaphors and various exercises that the patient can take home and use in between consultations

Some patients just want to take the pills but for those that are prepared to work with you this workshop will provide the tools you need….

“It is remarkable how much one can do in 10 minutes if you know how”
“It changed my mental perspective – I now wonder how my patients do depression rather than just why they are depressed”

Topics covered include:-

What are Brief Psychological Interventions? Why bother? When?
The first step – developing rapport
Language – how to use it to encourage change

Brief practical psychotherapy: Changing perspectives: co-creating goals: seeding ideas

Breaking the patterns of anxiety and depression
Giving patients the tools to help their emotional wellbeing