Smoking Cessation

Smoke Free & No Butts
by Ann Williamson & Geoff Ibbotson

Published by Crown House Publishing Limited, Wales       ISBN 1-899836-20-9

This book is the product of several years of using hypnotic techniques to help patients not only to stop smoking, but to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety and increase their self confidence.

Many people still mistakenly view hypnosis as something that is ‘done’ to one or see it as some kind of a magic wand. Unfortunately direct suggestion seldom works on its own and we have found that the most successful approach is to tackle smoking on all levels – physical addiction, physchological dependency and habit.

The book is short, only 63 pages; and cartoons are used to help put across salient points in the text.

Chapter 1:   Looks at why people smoke and the reasons why they often have problems stopping smoking.

Chapter 2:   Explains what hypnosis is and isn’t and teaches some self-hypnotic techniques.

Chapter 3:   Deals with ways of reducing the physical addiction to nicotine.

Chapter 4:   Deals with ways of reducing the physical addiction to nicotine.

Chapter 5:   Describes ways of reducing stress and increasing self-confidence; showing alternative ways to satisfy the most common psychological needs that often underpin smoking.

 Chapter 6:   Deals with bringing the smoking habit into consciousness and then teaching ways to interrupt that pattern.

Chapter 7:   Teaches strategies that help someone to remain an ex-smoker.

By cutting down the amount you smoke of each cigarette rather than the number of cigarettes you can reduce your physical addiction slowly whilst still having the psychological crutch of lighting up and the first couple of drags. Then you can start to find better ways of satisfying that need.